JDBC connection to Pi


Does somebody really succed to create a SQL connection to OSIsoft Pi?
I’m using this procedure:

I successfuly added the driver to the gateway. But the connection always failed.
I expect I may have a security issue. Can somebody who succed to create the connection tell me exactly how you did?

Many thanks.

Ignition 8 utilizes JDK 11 and therefore the JDBC driver for PI needs to be new enough to work with that. I have seen users find success while utilizing the PI JDBC Driver 2019 which I last saw at this link (I think you must register an account with OSIsoft to view it).

The stack trace of the connection error may help pinpoint the issue.

Hi Kvane can you send a new link.

This is a 3rd party company we aren't affiliated with so I am not sure where they moved their JDBC links, I would recommend searching the new website that the URL redirects to.


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Have you though about using the PI WebAPI instead? It requires a little bit of Python code, but it works pretty well when it has been setup.