JDBC driver w/ required DLL

I have a JDBC driver(PI JDBC, trying to interface Ignition to our historian) that has a required DLL along with it. I was planning on installed it on the same system as my Ignition setup and bringing the .Jar into Ignition.

Before I do this -
A. Will this work in general? (JDBC w/ dll)
B. Any pitfalls I should be aware of?

I don’t have any advice on this, but I’d be interested to know if you can get it to work. We also have a couple of PI servers that I would like to connect to at some point. Thanks.


I just happened to write up a document about this yesterday: Using OSI PI JDBC with Ignition

So in my testing, I kept it simple and had Ignition on the same machine as PI, but honestly, I don’t think you really need to worry about the dll. I think the installer for the JDBC driver will make sure it’s somewhere accessible, like “system32”.

The only other thing about using PI, as mention in that document: values returned as variants will result in “Unknown Type 2000” errors. We’ve tweaked 7.5.9 (and 7.6.1) to avoid this error in many cases, but there are still some places that can’t deal with the variant. The work around is simply to cast your value columns in the query (e.g. “SELECT cast(value as Float32) …”)

Let me know how it goes,

Are you a psychic Colby?
Cause, That’s awesome.

Haha, it doesn’t take a psychic when you get asked about something at least once a month for several years… just coincidental that I finally got around to working on it this week! :laughing: