JDBC failed after Ignition Upgrade

We have a Test server that mirrors a Production Server. Both have version 8.1.32. I have the latest snowflake-jdbc-3.14.4 installed on both servers and they were making connections to a Snowflake database fine.

But after the Test Server is upgraded to 8.1.36, the db connection was faulted and the driver threw an error:

java.sql.SQLException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (JDBC driver internal error: exception creating result java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class net.snowflake.client.jdbc.internal.apache.arrow.memory.util.MemoryUtil at net.snowflake.client.jdbc.internal.apache.arrow.memory.ArrowBuf.getDirectBuffer(ArrowBuf.java:231).)

Does anyone have this experience?

You'll need to modify ignition.conf and add a line like this:


The number after "additional" may be different in your config, it should be the next sequential and unused number in that section.

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Yup, that fixed the issue. Thanks.