JFreeChart and Gateway Script

I would like to create a gateway script that sends an email with a image of a chart attached to it. The problem is, that a client would need to be running in order to do this (at least do it easily). I find that solution to be a little hoaky.

I would like to write a gateway script that creates a JFreeChart and assigns data to it on the fly. Then using an imageEncoder with the JFreeChart aquire an image of the chart and attach it to an email.

Does this sound possible? The major hang-up I’d like to get answered before I start is, Is the JFreeChart library available on the gateway side through scripting?

Doesn’t look like JFreeChart is available on the gateway. But you could add it to the gateway. On Linux you could add a jfreechart.jar to /usr/local/bin/ignition/lib/core/gateway/ and then try to use it in some gateway scripting. You need to restart Ignition after adding jars.

If the Ignition gateway is on windows then you will have to find where the gateway jars are stored.