JFreeChart version in version 7.5.5


What is the version of JFreeChart embedded in Ignition 7.5.5 ? I can’t find the information.
I’m trying to use “ItemLabelPosition” to add label on a barchart with ItemLabelPosition and ItemLabelAnchor with OUTSIDE_12 (or anything else) with no success.


Make sure you have the “labels” property for the Bar Chart set to true, and this should change the position and anchor:

[code]from org.jfree.chart import labels
from org.jfree.ui import TextAnchor

x = labels.ItemLabelAnchor.OUTSIDE12
y = TextAnchor.CENTER
position = labels.ItemLabelPosition(x,y)

rend = event.source.parent.getComponent(“Bar Chart”).getChart().getPlot().getRenderer()

Great ! It just work.
Thank you.