JmenuItem Tooltip missing in V8

Hey Guys,

I migrated a project from V7.9.10 to V8.0.10 and found that the Tooltips I was showing when using the system.gui.createPopupMenu and formatting the menuitems are no longer working.

Code below. Not sure if this is just a V8 issue or something that needs tweaking to work in 8? Possibly related to the colour issue

from javax.swing import JMenuItem
from javax.swing import JLabel
from javax.swing.border import EmptyBorder
from java.awt import Font

def doMenuItem1(event):
   print "Menu 1"
import system

menu = system.gui.createPopupMenu([],[])

label1 = JLabel("Label1")
label1.foreground = system.gui.color(85,85,85)
label1.font = Font("Tahoma", Font.BOLD+Font.ITALIC, 14)

menuitem1 =  JMenuItem ("Menuitem1",actionPerformed=doMenuItem1)
menuitem1.setToolTipText("Menuitem1 tooltip")
menuitem1.background = system.gui.color(192,192,192)
menuitem1.foreground = system.gui.color(0,0,0)