Jnlp file

this is probably a really dumb question but I just installed ignition on a different computer and when I hit launch for the project it opens the project and puts a shortcut on my desktop but no jnlp file. On the previous machine/version I was working on when I launched a project a shortcut and the jnlp file were put on the desktop, then I could email the jnlp file wherever and open my project from any computer on the network… I must be missing something simple - can someone point me in the right direction to generate the launch file?

If this is on a Windows computer, check your downloads folder and see if the JNLP file was downloaded to that location.

no not there - it is a windows 7 computer. I wonder if there is some windows setting preventing it from downloading?

It is most likely in a temp folder in Windows. You can search your C drive for any *.jnlp files to see where they are.

I tried the search earlier and its not finding any… I tried firefox and it works fine - something in IE8 is directly opening and running the file but not downloading or giving the option to download. I’ll have to start digging through IE settings…