Jnlp files does not launch


I got this problem in some of the servers and now found solution but dont know why this happends.

From some of the ignition gateways does not launch jnlp files anymore.
Designer.jnlp and project.jnlp is downloading right and all permissions and java settings seems to be right.

I check those jnlp files and compare those on jnlp files which are working and I found small difference on Resource section.

jnlp file which is not working:

jnlp file which is working:

Just ripping those java-vm-args… string out makes jnlp file working again.
And I can run designer or project.

So I guess this is problem of different Java versions on server and client.
Hope somebody can help this more so I dont have to manually fix jnlp:s to use ignition.

osx 10.6.8
Java 1.6.0_37-b06-434

Tommi Vahtera

There’s a bug in Oracle’s Java 7u9 and later affecting OS X and Linux systems. (and 6u37 on Mac, which is either using the same faulty webstart code or redirecting to 7 webstart, can’t figure out exactly what happens).

Remove ’ java-vm-args="-XX:MaxPermSize=128m" ’ from both lines that contain it and then launch the designer/clients from the JNLP file for now.


Any new for this update or workaround except modifying the jnlp ?


You would have to downgrade to Java 6.


I tried to downgrade to java6 but now launching jnlp get message that I need java environment and link goes to download Java7.
Should I do something else to make Java6 work again?


You could take a look here


Tried that also but there is no way to get jnlp launch work anymore other than manual fixing file.


Because of this issue we’re looking at some alternative ways to web-start to launch clients that should be in Ignition 7.7

I saw your presentation on the new launcher at the conference and thought to myself, “I’ll just keep doing it the old way…I’ve not had any issues”. Now this week I have several projects that are getting installed on MacMini’s and I ran into this issue. Thank goodness for this forum…got it running, but I can see that I’m going to get used to using the new launcher in 7.7.

Thanks for the awesome conference! To everyone at Inductive.

The client launchers will be available in the next point releases as well; you don’t even have to wait for 7.7! :slight_smile:

7.5.11 and 7.6.4 should both include the launchers.

When will 7.5.11 be released?
I have an issue with text component keyboard popup that an upgrade from 7.5.8. to 7.5.10 broke. Ticket was already made for this issue.

We are looking to release 7.5.11 within 2 weeks, followed by 7.6.4 soon after that.