Jnlp j2se version tag now being ignore

Hello folks,

A few months ago we ran into the issue where java 7 was being used to launch the project which would fail with an error. I had fixed this at the time by changing the java version on the project config page to be 1.6 instead of 1.6+.

Now I find that even with the version tag set to 1.6 that java 7 is still being used and the system doesn’t work anymore.

I also found out that I can get the project running in java 7 if I change this line in the JNLP:


The application otherwise seems to run fine under java 7.

Now I’m wondering what I should do:
-Should I just keep instructing everyone who uses the application to uninstall or disable Java 7? (I don’t like this solution)
-Does anyone know why the j2se version I specify in the JNLP being ignored?
-Is there a way I can manually edit the JNLP that FPMI provides to clients to take out the heap size arguments so that it will run under java 7?
-Or are all my options exhausted and now it’s time to upgrade.