Job seekers area?

Is there an area in the forum or elsewhere where it’s appropriate to discuss seeking Ignition-related work?

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I think this is the right place, though it might be worthy of its own category (or tag).

As I understand it, it’s never come up often enough that we’ve dedicated a category to it.

What I would be interested in when I’m looking to hire people is a way to get a list of candidates who have completed some (any?) level of Inductive University and are interested in hearing about opportunities, maybe by geographic region.

Some mechanism through IU itself would be both ideal as it is the primary source of the test/certification information but also problematic as most of us use our current work email to interact with it. Some way to confidentially expose the fact that a user has whatever level of IU/certification completed and is interested in hearing about opportunities would be ideal.

I also like to flip it around and throw an exercise at candidates claiming SCADA experience but no Ignition where they are to download it and build me something cool in a weekend or so. We’ve ended up making awesome hires who had never heard of it before but used the trial (now with Marker this can go even father) and had a “where have you been all my life?!?” type reaction to the product then hit it out of the park on the job.

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