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What company job titles do most of you have or see in this industry? The reason I’m asking is because I’m up for a job title change / ‘promotion’ and working with my supervisor trying to come up with a fitting new job title. I have been in the IT industry for over 15 years mostly being an IT Analyst / (Systems Admin/ IT Lead in there as well for some) and for the last 3 years, I have also been developing Ignition for my current company. We are an Oil & Gas company and have IT specialists (Database, Server ,Systems, etc…) in corporate, but locally with our Automation group, I stage the sever installs, Ignition Development (two of us), SQL, data analytics, and continue to create unique applications to replace other manual or less effective functions and centralize them in Ignition.

Anyone have ideas or recommendations that may help?

With all of those hats, I’d recommend “Automation Architect” or something similar.

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@pturmel You’re too kind, that’s my dream title :slightly_smiling_face:, but I have to humble myself a bit, since I don’t have a strong background in the field automation devices. I’m eager about getting deeper into the newer stuff (edge devices, mqtt, etc…), but I have been mostly office IT work. My boss and I talked about the ‘Engineer’ at the end of the title, who would have a greater knowledge about everything Automation which I don’t excel in, and I always assumed ‘Architect’ was above the ‘Engineer’ title.

When it comes down to it, titles are just titles, and the real work and value comes in a person’s real world experience and knowledge. Having said that, I see titles such as SCADA Developer/Engineer, but he felt SCADA might be too specific, and Automation might be broader. We still want to keep my IT Analyst responsibilities, so I don’t know if there is a title which would combine that with the Ignition Development that I do (which takes up more of my time).

Yes, I see the hierarchy progress up from Designer to Developer to Engineer to Architect, with maybe Junior or Senior prefixes tossed in.

We have a position called SCADA Technology Analyst, but those with more IT responsibilities that still do automation work are Network Analysts.

The most common title I see for multiple discipline, PLC/HMI programmer, is project engineer. The title itself really isn’t intuitive, but it’s becoming more common company to company.

“Project Engineer” was my first title straight out of the University. (A long time ago…) So, doesn’t convey a sense of experience to this old timer.

We call ourselves control systems engineers 🤷


That’s very popular as well. I also see automation engineers. The industries are all over the place on naming.

Where do you go to find the work?
I just got let go.

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I have a stale LinkedIn profile but get multiple messages a week from recruiters. Be sure to refer to your Ignition experience!

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My official title is 'Controls System Specialist'

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Look up Drew Horsley (Mollitiam) on LinkedIn, he often has roles for Ignition dev's

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Uggh. Sorry to hear that.