Jogging motors from a mobile device (safety considerations)

I am pondering the use of some tablets running Ignition as mobile HMIs along a conveyor line. The problem is, I haven’t found a tablet/laptop with wireless E-Stop capabilities. Is it okay to allow the operators to use the HMI to run/jog pieces of equipment without an E-Stop nearby?
I don’t want to use an umbilical cable.

HMIs are notorious for stuck bits. Mostly due to the unreliable nature of TCP/IP. Made worse with SCADA packages because the comms make two TCP/IP hops, not just one. (HMI => Gateway => PLC.)

I wouldn't do it.

See this (rather contentious post) for more background:

Also search this forum for "momentary".

Note that much of the material and available work-arounds are focused on the Vision module. I don't know of any work-around or reliable momentary button functionality for Perspective (yet?).

Also, note that there are purpose-built solutions from the major brands that include estop and/or grip-safeties, like this family of products from Siemens:

Thanks for your comments. I am from the same opinion but wanted to explore other people’s opinion and I am glad to find I am not alone on this. ‘safety first’.