Join 2 IDP attribute of response

Hello Folks,

I'm trying to concat or join 2 IDP role attributes into 1 to populate the Roles after the authentication.

I teste the code replace(replace(replace({attribute-source:userInfo:AdGroups},"]",",") + replace({attribute-source:userInfo:AdGroups2},"["," "),"[",""),"]","")

But they display a error with cannot convert the text to array, the end result will be GroupA, GroupB, GroupC, ......

I also tried to make the final result like : [GroupA, GroupB, GroupC,.....] not worked also.

The problem was the IDP return multiuple attibute with roles from the user, ex. ADGroups return a list of groups, and the ADGroups2, return another list with more groups, since is diferente managed by IDP.