Json compare tool for Views and Tags?

Just wondering if anyone’s written a JSON compare tool for comparing Views and Tags?
The generic JSON compare tools online are a bit useless for Ignition.

I want be able to see what’s changed between different versions of the project, and it would be particularly useful to show all the differences between an offline dev and live system as a way to catch any missed resources when deploying new changes, especially larger projects developed offline.

Idea added:

Is the way the json structure\order for views consistent? Almost seems like you’d just want to use github to track changes.

Yes it’s consistent. Github will be able to tell you all of the changes made, but not in a friendly way. It won’t tell you “these tags were added, these tags were deleted, these tags had these properties change value, etc.”
It’ll tell you “this part of the json is different, this part was removed” but it won’t be able to associate it to a tag which is the uid for us

I wrote something over the weekend in Python to compare tags. It works pretty good! Although I’m finding that there are a lot of properties deleted between tags that were upgraded by a gateway upgrade and the same tags exported from v7 as XML and imported into the v8 system. Lots of properties like “tagGroup”, “readOnly”, “read/writePermissions” and their sub-objects.
I also found that migration from v7 to v8 doesn’t migrate UDT parameters across with their correct dataType. All of my UDT definitions use String-type parameters, however all of these parameters were converted to Integer. The v7 XML export/import to v8 had the correct String dataType.

I ran the tool over a UDT that had some minor changes made to it by another engineer (we change-freezed to upgrade, but urgent on-site work meant that changes had to be made, so they noted which resources they’re made changes to so I could migrate them back into the upgraded project), and it picked up 1400 or so changes. However, when I ran through them, I found there were only 2 modifications that were actually useful, with the rest being all of the other things mentioned above. I assume it will report more useful things however once only working in v8.