JSON import - OPC tags marked "Error_Configuration"

Hello everyone,

When importing a json file containing OPC tags, we noticed the following behaviour:

  • if the OPC device is online, then the tags are good
  • if the OPC device is not connected, then the tags show "Error_Configuration" when imported

Note that for all the devices have been configured in the gateway's "Device Connections" (They are ControlLogix PLCs in this case).

Is this a feature of Ignition, showing "Error_Configuration" for devices that have never been connected to the Ignition server before? Or is it some problem with our configuration?

Thanks in advance

This is normal.

Perfect, thank you, @pturmel
Just out of curiosity, if you have several PLCs in a project and you don't have them physically during development, what do you do to test the correct configuration of tags in Ignition? I'd rather not go in the field with something that "should" work.

If the tags will be connected via Modbus, I use my Advanced Module Module's server mode. If the tags will be connected to Logix processors, I use my EtherNet/IP Module's Host Driver to emulate them.

I don't touch Siemens much, so that doesn't come up.