JSON Tag Import: Error importing tags: null

I am trying to generate a tag file to import in JSON format but keep getting this error when importing: Error importing tags: null
I’ve checked the tag file I’ve generated but it all appears to be identical other than the line and indent formatting.

Any thoughts on what the issue is?
Ignition 8.0.6

Contents of test file:

  "name": "",
  "tagType": "Provider",
  "tags": [
      "name": "31MC01",
      "tagType": "Folder",
      "tags": [
			"valueSource": "opc",
			"opcItemPath": "ns\u003d1;s\u003d[31MC01]B10:0/0",
			"dataType": "Boolean",
			"name": "ID_CR_HMI_ALM_ACCEPT",
			"tagType": "AtomicTag",
			"opcServer": "Ignition OPC UA Server",
			"documentation": "Crushing Area HMI Alarm Accept",
			"tooltip": "Crushing Area HMI Alarm Accept"

Figured it out, extra comma at the end of the last tag causes the null error. Does it if you have one or many tags.


The error’s pretty useless, but trailing commas are illegal per the JSON spec. I’d suggest installing a JSON validator in your text editor of choice to catch easy stuff like that.

Thanks, that’s a good suggestion.