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I use notepad++ a lot for viewing tag Json with the plugins ‘JSTool’ and ‘JSON Viewer’ which are great for the most part, however when you’re viewing a large number of tags and trying to use find to search for specific things, it’s difficult once you’ve found them (with find/replace tool) to then work out exactly where it is in the tag tree. You basically have to scroll up and try to find the tag and then the folders that the tag is within… super cumbersome, especially if you have a number of finds to do.
The JSON Viewer is super handy, but it’s missing a search function within it. What I’d really like to be able to do is to find the thing I’m looking for in the JSON text, then right click and go ‘locate in JSON Viewer’.

Does anyone know of such a tool or plugin?

For example, I want to know where this highlighted key/value are located in the tag structure, but with 1,440,721 lines of JSON, it’s rather difficult!:

I’ve used jsonformatter.org a little which is ok at this. In Tree view, you can search and it will show the path to the object you have selected at the top. Couple annoyances with this though. Tree view hides the quotes around all strings (but will be there when you switch back to the code view). Also, it does not have a Replace tool. So when you find what you’re looking to replace, you need to manually select it to change it. I’m guessing the second issue will be a deal breaker for you when dealing with that many lines of text but figured I should mention it anyways.

IntelliJ (and likely, all derived editors, so PyCharm, Android Studio, etc) seem to meet all your criteria; you can enable an option to select in the tree based on where the carat is in the body, and there’s a breadcrumb along the top to tell you where you are.


Firefox has the best JSON viewer amongst Web browsers.


I didn’t know PyCharm did this, didn’t even know the structure panel existed. That’s awesome, cheers! Exactly what I was after :slight_smile: Now time to break it with my 1.5M rows…


Lol… :pleading_face:

Looks like I can increase it:


Increased to 70,000 KB and we have success! Had to increase PyCharm memory from 2 to 4GB as well haha, my bad. She’s a tad slow, only a little bit though

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