JTreeTable extend javax.swing.JTable (Vision)

Hello everybody!
I would like to know if I can implement the class JTreeTable from “oracle.ide.controls.JTreeTable” (extend javax.swing.JTable).
I also wrote a post where I try to get the same result but following a different way (jidesoft): Expandable Row, Child Row: (Vision).
I’ve been trying for many days and I’d like to solve this problem once and for all.
Thank you all!

As you might guess from my post on that other thread, it won’t be easy. You’d probably have a better experience creating an SDK module with your desired component. Also not easy, but jython is a challenging environment when extending/implementing true java classes and interfaces.

There’s also the problem of a container for your JTreeTable. Unless you can coerce an existing Ignition component to hold your pure Swing component, you’ll need the SDK to implement a true Ignition component.


I’m looking for a guide to make SDK modules to follow the tip!
Thanks for taking the time to answer the topic I have opened!

If you visit Ignition’s Online Documentation, and scroll all the way down on the left to the Resources section, you’ll find SDK Documentation and SDK Examples.

You’ll note that there’s a forum category devoted to module development. That’s the best place to get help with the SDK. Though you should at least make an effort to set up to build the examples on your own. And learn java, if you haven’t yet. /:

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I will start studying it right now! Thank you!!