Jump from the top of the page to the bottom

I have a page with a flex container, column, with a few views. Scrolling up/down I can see all my views. How I can set scrollbar on position 0% or 100% or 50 %? I need to have something like a link and to jump to the top of the page or from top to the bottom of the page.


The only way to do this in Perspective is using links, and it requires some secret knowledge.

Locate the components or containers you want to “jump to”. in the meta property category, add a new value property and give it a key of domId. now supply this property a unique value, preferably something which describes the area this component lives in.

Now in locations of the page where you want to be able to jump to this area, place a Link. Use an Expression binding to bind the url property of the Link in the following manner (where project_name is the name of your project, configured_url_ofPage is the url you have configured for this page in Page Configuration - including the leading slash - and domId_to_target is the value of the domId you configured in the meta category) :

{session.props.gateway.address} + "/data/perspective/client/<project_name><configured_url_of_page>" + "#<domId_to_target>"

Clicking the Link should now “jump” your page to the component which is identified by the domId specified in the target url.


Does it mean that the link component will have target property equal to the present URL address of the page +"#<domId_value>?
When I set it on link component and cliking it, perspective reload season.

That could be the result of me supplying you untested and insufficient directions. I’m going to modify the binding in the previous post. Please try the updated binding.

omg, I did it again. Please try it a third time.

Yes, this is what it means. Copy that url and paste it into the binding because I always forget pieces. :cry:

Yes, It was clear that I need “/data…” I was trying with it.
:slight_smile: Thank you very much. My mistake was that I insert binding on the target property of the link component instead of the URL property.
I have one issue with this. When I click the link I “jump to” the view that I want, but also menu pop-up (menu is all-time hidden)

I don’t understand what you mean by this. Could you please clarify what is occurring?

:joy: Trying to explain the menu problem to you, I found out that I forgot to configure the menu as I wanted. everything is perfect. Thank you very much for your fast and great answer.

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