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I found it very helpful to create a guide for getting up and running with developing modules.

I thought I would share it with everyone here, who might find it helpful as well.

Let me know if you find any errors.

Also I wrote this strictly for developing on windows, you may need to infer some of the instructions to match your platform. Thanks!


Some guide on module signer will also be useful.

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I agree. Though this guide doesn’t require signing modules, I have done that process as well and it’s not straight forward and takes quite a bit of scattered searches to figure it out.

Side note: I wrote a little tool that signs modules for me within a user interface but it’s not release ready as it’s only tailored towards my workflow and systems. Though I have considered writing it to be more generic for a release. Maybe someday…

I agree, it takes time to understand it, that why I thought a better guide will be welcome.

The entire usage of the SDK, and module signing in particular seems really underdocumented. The commands for setting a gateway to “developer mode” from the linked article are pretty helpful. I had eventually found that information from somewhere but I don’t think it’s mentioned anywhere in the official documentation. There are a few references to needing to do so but not to how.

Aside from the question of API documentation in general, developer mode is poorly documented because it really isn’t needed anymore – developers sign their own modules nowadays, so allowing unsigned modules is moot. Allowing direct module load from an IDE is now a parameter in ignition.conf.