Just released ignition-api and ignition-api-stubs v8.1.26.post1

:rocket: Just released ignition-api and ignition-api-stubs v8.1.26.post1

After checking all System Functions we were able to find new functions and features missing from the "New in this Version" section from the docs and the Release Notes.

Full changelog: Comparing v8.1.26...v8.1.26.post1 路 ignition-api/8.1 路 GitHub

PyPI packages: ignition-api 路 PyPI, ignition-api-stubs 路 PyPI

We also take this opportunity to make a simple request to the Inductive Automation team behind the docs and the team behind Release Notes.

Things we missed:

8.1.25: There was no mention of the new scripting module iec6185
8.1.22: system.print.getDefaultPrinterName, system.print.getDefaultPrinters
8.1.15: system.alarm.acknowledge returns (missing only in New in this Version)

Not sure who is behind release notes, but I do remember exchanging comments with @Paul.Scott about the docs in the past.

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Thanks for letting us know!

Out of curiosity, where are you getting system.print.getDefaultPrinters? The change in 8.1.22 invovled system.print.getDefaultPrinterName and system.print.getPrinterNames

Sorry, I meant system.print.getPrinterNames.

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