JVM Restarting in GCU on redundant server with Sepasoft Modules

Running 7.9.5 with the recipe module, and the main gateway is working without issue. When we try to failover to the redundant server, or do a force re-sync we get an error in the logs that the Production model is trying to be accessed before it has been initialized. The gateway starts up fine and connects, it only chokes when trying to do failover or syncing of projects.

This causes the GCU to display “JVM Restarting” for the gateway, but it never restarts.

It worked fine in 7.9.3 before adding in the production model, and we upgraded to 7.9.4, added in the MES 2.0 modules and hasn’t worked since.

Am having trouble getting any resolution from Sepasoft, as it is something their developers need to look into. Has anyone else seen this and/or figured out a solution?