Jython 2.7.0 in Ignition 7.8?

Jython 2.7.0 just released.
Do you plan to get it in Ignition 7.8 ?

Jython 2.7.0 Final Released (May 2015)

No, it’s not going to make it into 7.8.

We’re not sure if/when we’re going to upgrade because it means dropping support for Java 6 in the client.

Great to know mazeyrat! I’ve been waiting for that release.

I would really like to have Python 2.7 in Ignition.

I created a feature request for upgrading Ignition to use Jython 2.7 here: ideas.inductiveautomation.com/fo … jython-2-7

What features of Python 2.7 do you think would make the upgrade worthwhile?

Hi AlThePal,

There are many changes between Jython 2.5 and Jython 2.7. Jython 2.7 is compatible with Python 2.7. You can see the changes in Python 2.7 and Python 2.6 here and here.

Probably the biggest reason to upgrade to Jython 2.7 is compatibility with third-party Python libraries. Many Python libraries are written for Python 2.6 and/or 2.7 and will not work with Python 2.5. I have run into this, where I could not use the library I wanted to use or had to use an older, less good, version of the library because of lack of support for Python 2.5. This problem will only get worse.

Some new features in Jython 2.7 I like are the OrderedDict. This is a Python dictionary that keeps its items in the order that they are added. There have been a few times when this would have been really handy.

Jython 2.7 has a literal syntax for sets, which is nice. It has set and dictionary comprehensions which is useful.

Jython 2.7 has a new IO module and a new implementation to handle socket connections, including handling SSL connections.

Jython 2.7 has support for advanced string formatting, for example:

"User ID: {uid} Last seen: {last_login}".format( uid="root", last_login = "5 Mar 2008 07:20") Output: 'User ID: root Last seen: 5 Mar 2008 07:20'
And many other things.


Copy the same as ideas site here, for discussion:

"What about (Jep)?

I’m not an expert, but seems that, in addition to letting use java classes, you could use libraries with dependencies in CPython.

There are a lot of deeplearning and machinelearning implementations that depends on Cpython.

Also, supports more python versions than jython (Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, or 3.5)."


[quote=“pdibenedetto”]What about (Jep)?[/quote]From a quick look, I’m not terribly enthusiastic about it. In particular, it only runs as an interpreter, which makes their claims of performance improvement ridiculous. Jython initially compiles to python bytecode, but if called often, is jit-compiled to java bytecode, which for really hot paths gets jit-compiled by the JVM to native code. And at no point in jython execution is there a global interpreter lock holding you back.

Found it interesting. BTW, is it possible to use Jython 2.7 with latest Ignition 7.9.8?. Thanks.

No, you’re pretty much stuck with the version it shipped with.

Ignition 8 has been upgraded to Jython 2.7.

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