Jython dev is slow. What's next for Ignition scripting?

Is a normal python integration for scripting something that could arrive ? A sea of ever-expanding python modules and compability can be a annoying.

EDIT: I was writting out of gross missinformation, changed the premise and tone of my post. My apologies and long live jython !

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What do you mean with the last update happening 2 years ago?

AFAICS, the last update is just a couple of months old: http://fwierzbicki.blogspot.be/2017/07/jython-271-final-released.html

I agree that the development around Jython is rather slow, but calling it dead is an overstatement. Btw, even now Ignition isn’t on the 2.7.x version (which is indeed 2 years old as you state), so the first step is bringing Ignition to the most recent Jython (which should happen for Ignition 8.0 if the rumours are correct).

Normal python doesn’t cooperate with Java like Jython does. So that’s no possibility. The only alternative are other languages that run on the JVM ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_JVM_languages ), preferably with a decent userbase that knows the language already. So real alternatives are Rhino (but this only support Javascript version 1.7, a long way from ES6). Or JRuby, which is also some versions behind regular Ruby (though I don’t know Ruby enough to know if it’s a big difference).

All in all, Jython is still one of the better languages to use IMO.

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This is embarrasing. I went to the jython site and saw the last update, then googled about it and came before articles proclaiming it dead due to the last update appearing in 2015. I just saw the update you’re talking about. Thanks a lot by your response tho’ ! I realise know how mistaken I was =), and that brings me lots of joy.

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FWIW, I’ve had to become intimately familiar with the jython source code in recent months, and am planning to turn that into contributions to the jython project, including working towards python3 support. (-: