Keep acknowledged alarms?

I’ve been using


to generate an alarm list. But, I would like the alarms that have been acknowledged to not simply disappear in order to not confuse the user.

I’ve been exploring the scripting functions and their parameters. But, I’ve not been able to see how to do this.

Can I get some advice or suggestions to try?

Depends on how you are displaying the information from the system.alarm.queryStatus in part. One option is simply to use the alarm status table and check the box to display clear and unacked alarms rather than using system.alarm.queryStatus. The alarm table allows you to use all the filtering option that the system.alarm.queryStatus does.

Another option is to use the “state” property in in the function to explicitly get the acknowledged tags, for example, I use this line to get only the unacknowledged alarms for a specific tag name. Note that the properties are lists (they’re inside [ ] separated by commas).

system.alarm.queryStatus(path=["*"+stringval+"*"], state=["ActiveUnacked", "ClearUnacked"])

For more info check out the entry on the system.alarm.queryStatus here