Keep Alive failureCount

Ignition version 7.9.3.

Hi am getting this error in the logger every 10 seconds:

I disconnect Kep and reconnect it. Everything works perfectly but the error is still there.

Any idea?

I have the same issue, 7.9.4

I also got this at least one time on 7.9.3.

The reliability of the keep alive mechanism has been improved in 7.9.7, but you may still see messages from it occasionally, especially when connected to Kepware. Their server seems to be unable to respond to a request even for values that reside in memory like the keep alive asks for under certain loads.

Thanks for the info, how do I clear or stop these entries from filling the log of failed connections?


Doing an edit/save on the connection(s) causing the log message will stop it, but likely on temporarily. You can also search for “OpcUaConnection” on the loggers page and turn its level to “OFF”.

I tried resetting the connection and they come right back, ill have to filter them out. Thanks Again

Do they come right back with a reset failure count, or are you seeing the same previous messages? If the latter, you might need to restart your gateway.

They come right back, we plan on restarting the gateway on Saturday.