Keep only strictly positive samples of a historian Tag

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I am currently trying to compute the average of a historian Tag but only when another (boolean) Tag is on value 1.
To answer this problem, i thought about doing an Expression Tag which would keep my Tag’s value if boolean is 1 and be null otherwise. Unfortunately, this seems to compute the average with null values being considered as zeros.
Is there a way to keep only strictly positive samples of a historian Tag (and more generally keep only certain samples of a historian Tag on a condition) ?

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This sounds like you want to be using triggered transaction groups:

Thank you for your answer.

Transaction groups seem indeed the way to go ! Unfortunately, they do not appear in my Ignition Designer Window. I am running on Ignition 7.9.4. Does anyone know why ?


Do you have the SQL Bridge Module?

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SQL Bridge Module can’t be selected or activated on my Gateway as you can see on this picture :

For information, Modbus Driver, OPC-UA, Siemens Drivers, Tag Historian, UDP and TCP Drivers, User Manual and Vision modules are activated, and all the others are running (2 hours trial that i can reset).

There is probably something simple that i am misssing but i cannot figure what it is…

You will need to install the module.

You can download the module here:

How is it that i cannot download the module from the Gateway ?

Unfortunately the file cannot be opened…

Try going here:

Select your version, then scroll down to find the SQL Bridge module.

I figured it out, thank you very much for your help !