Kepserver 6.12 : check suppressed: certificate failed hostname check

I try to connect to kepserver 6.12 following the guide:

My connection is faulted,
I have the follong error:

check suppressed: certificate failed hostname check: CN=KEPServerEX/UA Server,O=Unknown,C=FR,DC=SIAI21-03

This message is not related to whatever reason it is faulted. It’s a warning that the hostname you used to connect to KSE doesn’t match any in the cert, but it’s being suppressed, and so it’s only a warning, and not a failure that will prevent you from connecting.

You can usually see a StatusCode and/or stack trace if you look at the connection in the Status area of the gateway.


Okay, you haven’t supplied a username and password, and KSE is configured to require one.

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Thanks, adding user/password in kep solved the issue