Kepserver and ControlLogix Question

Dear Friends,

We have a project that originaly worked with RSLinx as OPC SERVER. This week We’re changing It to Kepserver.

The problem is that some tags are pointing to bits inside DINT values, for example, in RSLogix we reset the aplication with something like D[15].31.

With RSLinx we can create tags pointing to that bit, but in KepServer We dont know how to do it or even if it’s possible.

Anyone knows something? We try to do something like “Global.D_xx.D_2.31” and other variants.

I know that we could change the logic inside the PLC but we want to avoid that.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried Automatic Tag Generation?

Addressing the bits with dot notation works for me.

If you are trying to get bit values of an array of DINTs then you will have to add the array address as well, i.e. TagName[arrayIndex].bitIndex

The Kepware help files explain this nicely: