Kepserver/TopServer v6 Boolean addressing


I have recently upgraded a TopServer from v5 to v6 and am having trouble getting Booleans in Ignition.
Previously I would address it in the following format:

  • ns=2:s=[ChannelDeviceName].[DeviceName].[address]
    e.g ns=2:s=Omron-FINS-Ethernet-1.The Pub.W0.02

now the only way I can get ‘good’ data from TopServer is by taking the .02 out, and looking at words.

  • ns=2:s=Omron-FINS-Ethernet-1.The Pub.W0

Has anyone come across this before? Maybe I’m missing something in my TopServer configuration.

So the problem was resolved by upgrading from Ignition 7.8.1 to 7.9.1
Must have been something in the old OPC driver?

Maybe… I can’t really think of anything that would cause that. Especially since it worked in TS v5 and stopped in v6.

But if you’ve got it working now then great :slight_smile: