KEPServerEX status in Ignition

I'd like to add some alarms in the Ignition Perspective application for connectivity to KEPServerEX running on another server and the status for each device.

It looks like I can read the '._Statistics._Rx(&Tx)Bytes' off each device if you have diagnostics enabled in KEPServerEX on the channel. Using a Gateway Timer script, if the values for the reads and writes don't increment for a time I can trigger an alarm.

Not sure how to show that the OPC-UA connection is down?

  1. Use the channel/device _Statistics._TxBytes (incremental bytes in requests) _Statistics._RxBytes (incremental bytes in responses)
  • If channel level Communication Diagnostics are enabled these values will increase incrementally with the number of sent and received bytes
  • If both are stagnating the driver isn't able to send or receive any packets => broken connection
  • doesn't work for client drivers (OPC UA/DA/XML-DA client, ODBC client), only for hard protocol drivers

If you only need to know if you're connected or not, use the system OPC status tags that Ignition provides for each OPC connection.

Are these the ones?

BildInfo ns=0;i=2260
CurentTime ns=0;i=2258
SecondsTillShutdown ns=0;i=2992
ShutdownReason ns=0;i=2993
StartTime ns=0;i=2257
State ns=0;i=2259

No, you should be looking at the System Tags, not browsing OPC.

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