Kepware affect igniton communition

Hi, Ignition v7.9.4 and Kepware v6.3 , Igniton as opc server and kepware as client , now the two software use opc ua can communication good , when I use kepware quick client to test , the Ignition communiction with filed device unstable.

when I close the kepware quick client , the Ignition communiction with filed device become good.

How could I deal with it?

Hi, nobody know how to deal with ? Help me ! Thanks

When you open the Kepware Quick Client you’re probably subscribing to a bunch of tags and overloading your device(s).

Change the rate in the Kepware QC or don’t subscribe to as many tags.

We’ve had the same issue with kepware, where the kepware is used to communicate with all PLCs of the organisation (not only our PLCs).

When the Kepware Quick Client is opened, all communication to these devices stalls…

We found nothing we could do about it, so we just don’t open Quick Client again.

use the matrikon opc client in lieu of the kepware one. the matrikon client is much better and is free.

Hi, when I use " Igniton OPC Server " , I can connect with kepware and browse tags from Ignition . But when I use kepware quick client to test , ignition communication with filed device is affected, close the quick client become good.

Then create a new kepware connection , and create username and password , the Status is fault

if I don’t create username and password ,the Status is connected . but when I create a channel and device , there is
a error, can’t connect to opc ua server.

So , how could I create a new connection with kepware ?