Kepware and MYSQL services won't start

This happened when I did a fresh install over a previous install. In this case I uninstalled Kepware, MYSQL, FactorySQL and FactoryPMI first. After doing a “Typical” install FactorySQL and FactoryPMI services did start but the Kepware and MYSQL services didn’t start. I couldn’t get them to start at all and the error messages were insufficient to tell what was happening.

I solved this by not only uninstalling Kepware and MYSQL but by also deleting the MYSQL 5.0 and Kepware directories. Then a “Typical” install worked just fine.

Apparently, there is enough stuff left in those folders to throw a monkey wrench into the works.

Do you remember what the error messages were exactly? We can often look to other sources likes logs to determine the problem.

A bit like surgery with a shotgun and a blindfold. Uninstalling FactorySQL and FactoryPMI was probably unnecessary. It would have been better to determine the cause of the problem with MySQL and Kepware. Sounds like something went wrong between the unified installer, existing installs, and silent MySQL and Kepware installers - something that we can troubleshoot. Also, you shouldn’t usually have to delete the directories. It often works, but that’s a bad sign.

This is a good time to point out potential danger when uninstalling FactoryPMI without thinking about it - projects get lost that way. The installer does a gateway auto-backup during the install. It’s rare, but I’ve seen a few cases where big upgrades create backward compatibility issues. If you contact us, we can help you out of that situation. If you uninstall, automatic backups get removed with the rest of the application - that’s what an uninstall does. In that case the user saw that his application didn’t work exactly as it had before and immediately went the “uninstall then reinstall” route. He didn’t have a recent backup either. In any event, upgrading FactoryPMI by stopping the service then running the installer works great. No need to uninstall.

Actually, the clean install is exactly what I wanted to do. I was testing the unified installer. Didn’t have any problems whatsoever with FactorySQL or FactoryPMI. The only problem I had was with Kepware and MYSQL. Deleting the Kepware and MYSQL directories solved the problem like magic.

If I wasn’t testing the unified installer I would have just used the upgrader and I’m pretty sure that would have gone well. I’ll test that when the next release comes out.