Kepware bought out!

PTC to Acquire Kepware, Will Extend Internet of Things Offering with Access to Industrial Automation Data

NEEDHAM, MASS., December 22, 2015 – PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Kepware, a software development company that provides communications connectivity to industrial automation environments, for approximately $100 million, plus up to an additional $18 million based on achievement of certain strategic initiatives and financial results. The acquisition will enhance PTC’s portfolio of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and accelerate the company’s entry into the factory setting and Industrial IoT (IIoT).

So I heard… not sure if this will change much.

Biggest thing I see is that Kepware will probably lose the “open” culture. If you look at the PTC product line, you arent gonna find any pricing, demo, or manuals available to the public on their website.

Also, this would be stupid on their part, but they have their own SCADA application now. They may lock Kepware in to their platform.