Kepware on remote desktop

Hi Colby: Thanks a lot for your help the other day. I misplaced some of my notes and can’t remember how to start kepware remotely from the run menu. something like mtsc /s or something like that to start terminal services, then that allows me to work with kepware from my desktop.
What was the exact command again? TIA D. Lewis

Hi David-

Yeah, you just need to start remote desktop in console mode, which you can do with:

mstsc /console

from the command prompt. Someone had asked if this also worked in vista, and it does.

Also, I expect the x64 bit version of FSQL to be ready for the release of v4.1 next week.


That has got to stand for Microsoft Terminal Services Client. You can also create a shortcut (including the /console) in Windows.

MS has all the parameters and options documented here.