Kepware OPC DA - the OPC Server is faulted

I have a Kepware V4.5 OPC DA server on a PC that handles all IO to Wonderware InTouch PCs.
I’ve SQL Bridge running on a Windows Server that also communicates with Kepware.

Ignition connects to Kepware and shows connected.
All the tags in the IA Designer are updating correctly.

However, if I try to write to a tag from Ignition, I get the following error:

‘Error writing to Trigger V1331.Value
Could not complete the Operation - the OPC Server is faulted’

I suspect the issue is with a DCOM or Firewall setting on the Server but I can’t find the problem.

If I use Quick Client from the Ignition web page, I can read and write correctly.

Anybody have any pointers.

Avoid DCOM (if you can).

Use this module and try something like this, if is possible.