Kepware OPC Server Faulted

Hi All

I am trying to add a third-party OPCServer through UI on Ignition 8.0.4 I am getting the following error.
Uaexception status=Bad_Timeout, Connection Timed Out: /XX.XX.XX.XX:49320

Few additional details
OPC Server - KEP is hosted on XX.XX.XX.20 in the same domain as XX.XX.XX.25, in the same subnet and VNC network and is able to ping each other. Kep has all tags visible and is fully functional OPC are running window server edition 2019

Any help is appreciated

Make sure that the firewall on the Kepware server allows inbound TCP port 49320. Or try disabling it temporarily to see if that helps.

It’s also possible the server with Ignition needs to allow outbound TCP on port 49320, so check that or try disabling the firewall there as well.

Hi Kevin

Both firewalls are in disabled state