Kepware scaling issue

Tag changes that I make in Kepware do not appear to affect the tags in Ignition. For example if I make a change to the tag scaling in Kepware I do not see any change in the tag value on the Ignition side. I am not doing any scaling in Ignition, only in Kepware.

I can see the change affecting the tag value in the Kepware client so I know that Kepware is accepting the change. I have tried disabling the tag in Ignition and re-enabling it as well as completely deleting it and dragging the tag back in from the OPC tag list but neither method works.

Am I missing a step in getting the change to occur in Ignition?


According to my knowledge dragging the tag in the Ignition Designer from the OPC Browser will not get Units, Raw Value, Engineering Value, Tooltip etc. only we get are OPC Item Path, Tag Name and Data type.

and I think if you did scaling in Kepserver then you need not to scaling in Ignition.