Kepware tag scaling

For one of my OPC tags in Ignition I am seeing values between 0-1 but when I look at the same tag in Kepware its scaled 0-1000. I have not been working with the system long but I am wondering where the change in scaling could be taking place.

The numeric settings of the tag in Ignition show the scaling to be 0-1000 but it’s obivously not the case. The tag settings in Kepware also show the scaling to be 0-1000.

Is it possible that Kepware is making the change and passing it to ignition or is there a setting in ignition that I’m not seeing that scales the OPC tag?


It sounds like Kepware is scaling the PLC value and then Ignition is re-scaling the scaled value. If you have Kepware setup to scale the raw PLC value, then Ignition is going to receive the scaled value not the raw PLC value. Scale the value in Kepware or Ignition, not both.

Thank you Pat.

Second question:
When I alter the value of the scaling in Kepware I do not see that change reflected in Ignition. I am no longer scaling in Ignition and only scaling in Kepware. I have tried disabling the tag in Ignition and dragging it back into the tag window fromt he OPC tag list and the change still does not seem to take.

Do I need to do anything in Kepware (other than hit apply once I have altered the scaling) in order for Ignition to recognize that the tag settings have changed?