Kepware vs OPC-UA


Just want to see what is the opinion of the Ignition users about using Kepware vs the OPC-UA. I have been a FSQL user for a couple of years. I have an opportunity to use Ignition on a project that we will monitor 80 alarms (for email alerts) and datalog 80 datapoints. I am leaning to use Kepware for my communication driver for a ControlLogix PLC since it is very robust and I havent have any issues. Do I loose any features or options if I used it instead of the OPC-UA. BTW Ignition and Kepware are going to reside on the same computer.


You lose no features and nothing gets easier or more difficult.

If you’ve already purchased Kepware, go ahead and use it. If you don’t mind purchasing Kepware, go ahead and use it. Otherwise our OPC-UA server will work fine as well.

Thanks Kevin for the info. My concern was because I saw a couple of post about memory issues with the native AB driver.

Memory usage was certainly an issue in the 7.2.x releases, but has been greatly improved in 7.3.x.

That being said, I’m not hesitant to admit that Kepware’s AB drivers are more mature than ours.