Keyboard shortcuts not working

Ok this is driving me nuts. Why is it that the keyboard shortcuts are not working?? All our screens have key mnemonics set so that I can hit alt+w for example to go to a work order screen… As long as I have “clicked” in an area on the scree like a text box or some other active item, it will work, otherwise nothing happens until I do that.

I need this as we are deploying on a touch screen and are supplementing the on screen buttons with keypads that we have assigned the alt+ keystrokes to…


can you try using CTRL instead of ALT? Not sure if this will change things but alt-shortcuts are specifically used for the menu mnemonics.

The reason I say I’m not sure is that keyboard shortcuts work for me, even without focus inside an editable component. Yes, the application must be focused, but there’s nothing we can do about that, that’s up to the OS.

Carl where would I change the mnemonics from Alt to Ctl??

What I was really saying is that you should try using the Accelerator feature and not the Mnemonic Character feature.

Can you tell me where to find information on this Accelerator feature? I have not been able to find anything in the help documentation.

The Accelerator button is right next to the Mnemonic Character field.