Keyence CV-X series camera

I have a Keyence camera I would like to connect to ignition.
The camera supports:

has anyone had any experience connecting ignition to this or similar devices?


It looks like the easiest way to get data from this would be to add it as a module in a Logix PLC and then bring the tags from the controller into Ignition.

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@Kevin.Herron can the Logix driver also be used connect to keyence PLCs?

@Kevin.Herron specifically I’d like to connect to keyence kv 5500 PLC

No, the Logix Driver will not work with Keyence products.

You might want to take a look at Automation Pro’s Ethernet I/P module if you want to try to connect directly to the CV-X

Yes, my Ethernet/IP module should work with this camera (it definitely works with CV-5k and CV-7k models).

My Image Streaming module might also work with it.

Hi there, Will this module work with Keyence KV-7500 and KV-8000??

Untested and probably needs some tweaking for the image stream. If you want to loan one, I’ll test and see for you.

Edit: Let me clarify: The Ethernet/IP module should work. I haven’t found any Keyence Ethernet/IP product that doesn’t work with it, and my customers like a wide variety of Keyence products.

The image streamer’s control channel is likely to work. The live image stream probably won’t, but I’d love to add support.

Well, I Just want to collect data from the PLCs, no cameras. Looking at the Ethernet/IP Suite.
Oh just saw your edit! Great! Will contact you through your website for further info

Interested in understanding if Pturmel’s ethernet module is capable of interfacing with the KV-8000 PLC as was mentioned above. No cameras, just PLC for me. I have some interest in getting a KV-8000 online and talking to ignition.

@dojeda @pturmel

You’ll have to send me some docs on the KV-8000. If it can do Ethernet/IP, the odds are good.

Even better, sponsor putting one in my lab… (: