Keyence SR2000 TCP Connection

Hello there,
We have some Keyence SR2000 barcode readers in our factory currently connected to a AB plc and from there we connect to Ignition and It is working good, now we are looking to introduce a new BarcodeReader but there is no plc close to it so we want to see if it is possible to connect this BR to a ignition using the TCP protocol, I have no experience with this driver and couldn’t find much information about it.
Do you have any experience with barcode models or similar?
Do you know if it is possible to create the connection?
Currently we have Ignition 7.9

Thanks in advance!

If you go to there is Keyence sample code, unforunately they only provide .NET samples.

Phil has done a lot of work with Keyence, he might know @pturmel

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Also Phil has his EtherNet/IP module which might be easier than raw TCP

Yes, my Ethernet/IP module (premium version) can certainly scan an SR2000. In fact, I’ve tried it with a variety of Keyence products, always successful.

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Keyence SRX300W
I connect using the trial of the Ethernet/IP module
General tags came in but none of the Data like the data that was read
I tried to import the XML file from the Keyance website and that did not do any things
Do you have any other suggestions?

An XML file from the Keyence website wouldn't be in the format my module requires. Do you have links to the user manual for that model?

It's pretty easy with TCP/IP

Set up the BR for TCP communications with whatever IP address.

Then on Ignition setup the TCP device, I think the default port is 9004, but I think you configure it on the BR side.

You should see it connect. Now if you set it up to presentation mode on the scanner or the hardwire trigger, you should see the string come in on the Message/MessageBytes tag on the new device. You can use a onChange tag script to do what you want with the info.

You will probably have to ask a Keyence rep to get you the serial messages for requesting the BR to trigger, change banks, etc. over TCP.

thank's for that hint with the possibility to setup that way!

But, I am still struggeling in catching the data.

Do you have any idea, what I made wrong?
Do you any screenshot for me, how to setup the BR?

Thanks in advance!

Not connected. "0/1 connected" means you have zero connected devices for one device enabled. You simply don't have the two ends configured compatibly.

Thanks for the hint...
Needed to set the Keyence Scanner back to factory settings and then started the TCP connection setup again the same way.
Now it's connected!
Thank you very much!