Keystroke scripts arrow keys

Good morning,
I have some difficulty to use keystroke scripts for arrow keys. More precisely only for arrow keys alone, because if I use a combination of two keys, all works.

I need to launch a script into page, when I click an arrow button. To do that, I use one client tag which when it change, launch the script to update data. The problem appear after a certain trigger (I do not know which) because after that Ignition does not notice the arrow keystroke. To describe better the problem, is the same situation when you lose the focus from a text box. The effect is the same.

At the moment, I resolved using combination of CTRL + Arrow Key.

Anyone with the same problem? How can I fix it?

Arrow keys are part of the focus traversal model in java, and such key events are typically consumed by the component that has the focus. Your key event scripts won’t be called when another component gets the event first. You might be able to make it work by playing with the Java Swift methods controlling focus, but I wouldn’t expect it to be easy. Consider rethinking why you need a bare arrow key for this purpose.