Kind of off topic, references?

not sure if this is the right board for this. We recently had a demo for one of our customers for a large scale scada project. They were really impressed with what ignition had to offer but our only project that we have done is very small. One of their concerns is ignitions capability to handle large scale enterprise type projects. something in the neighborhood of 125k device tags.

I was wondering if anyone with larger scale projects running would be interested in giving the consultants that are working for our customer some feedback about their experience with ignition, and its effect on their operation, and also if they needed to add more staff to handle ignition.

Also, they were concerned about the mission critical system actually working. if anyone with a mission critical system would like to give us a reference on the performance of it, I would really appreciate it.

I am going to work with my inductive automation sales contact, but would like to also reach out to the forum to see if anyone else would be interested in helping me out.

This doesn’t seem off-topic to me. Lack of installed base is one of the selling hurdles for anyone recommending Ignition over GE and Wonderware. It would be great to have a couple of case studies on the IA web site… Even better if the case studies included performance metrics (number of tags, logging throughput, etc.).

Ignition is the perfect fit for what our customer wants to do. obviously the price is much cheaper than a wonderware installation with the same functionality that ignition can provide. I believe if we can get some feedback from other people using it we can make this sale. Im not sure that Ignition has anyone with a similar build because projects of this magnitude just dont come up that often, but I think anyone with projects with tag counts in the 20k+ tag range would be helpful to us.

Like you said, its hard to compare against a product like wonderware that has a 20+ year history and many, many installed bases with hundreds of thousands of tags.

The salespeople are much more accustomed to fielding questions like this. They do references all the time, you should probably give your rep a call (they aren’t in the habit of monitoring the forum).

There are case studies on the website, although we certainly could use some more of them.

I know that systems with more than 20k tags are pretty routine. 125k tags is getting up there, but still doable. Just make sure you’re running on 64-bit so you can allocate more RAM to the Gateway.

You also asked about mission critical. You should know that we totally re-wrote this portion for 7.2. The old clustering system was a carryover from FactoryPMI and it didn’t really satisfy the main use-case for redundancy for Ignition. It wasn’t as stable as it should have been. I’m very excited about 7.2’s redundancy system - its much more stable and better suited to Ignition.