Kiosk Mode in Linux

We are setting up a system in Ignition 7.7.5 that is running multiple projects on different screens. (4 screens total, different project for each).

We are using Debian 8 for the touchscsreens, plus we have a Raspberry Pi that is driving a video screen as display only. (Very simple display. Performs pretty well).

My question is: How do I configure these systems to boot into ignition? Particularly the display only device, which will not have KB / mouse access, as it is hanging from the ceiling of the factory.

I’ve seen some good info in Windows, but couldn’t find any results for linux.


Joe Jansen

Hi, Joe.

For the raspi, I use a pyhton script that checks connection, whether the context is running, etc. When all is well it runs the project through the client launcher.

I think everything is in this document. If it’s not, I’ll always think it should have been… :laughing:

I install a few other things in there as well, like Midnight Commander, Samba, and Unclutter. They’re my go-to tools. Use them as you see fit. :slight_smile:
Raspi Setup.txt (5.24 KB)

There’s also stuff in there about fitting the display and network/wifi setup. All the things from sometimes unfortunate experience. :laughing:

Awesome. Thanks Jordan!