Knowing who tripped an alarm

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I'm currently working to see if there is a way to determine who is logged into a perspective session and trips an alarm on a tag (or if this is even possible). I'm doing this because I need this information later in my alarm pipeline to know who to send an email to about this alarm.

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There is no direct way to associate a user with an alarm. There is an indirect way: use the audit system to track who writes to what in your process, providing a trail of events that could be examined for alarm correlations.

If you're using a binding, there's no way to know who did it.

If you're setting the Tag value through scripting, then you could easily modify the script logic to write to your logs which user is making the write attempt.

def change_tag_value(tag_path, tag_value, username):
    # project script
    logger = system.util.getLogger("TAG_WRITE")"Tag write attempted. Path: {0}  |  Value: {1} |  User: {2}".format(tag_path, tag_value, username))
    system.tag.writeBlocking([tag_path], [tag_value])

Well that is unfortunate that I cannot do it.

Are there any active requests to update the alarming system in relation to perspective? It would be very helpful if there was a way to send out an alarm through user properties in perspective and not have to go through the tagging system. The main reason being that the user properties are dynamic for each user and when you start using the tags you've changed the scope and now each user would have to fight over access to a single tags value.
The main reason I want to do this is because for each given user I want to send out an alarm to a specific person if that users 'value' perspective property hits say 0.

Would this be possible to do in a later version of Ignition?

Alarming is fundamentally tied to tags, not client sessions. Which is why the auditing system is so useful when backtracking from alarms to potential user causes. Perhaps you should make a feature request, with specific details on how you would like it to work.


Instead of pretending this is some kind of alarm can you just send them an email via scripting using

That's what came out of the other topic, too. :man_shrugging:

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