Knowledge for ignition

What skills or knowledge is necessery to learn and make a projects with ignition , i apreciate your response .

Start here:
There is a lot to learn.


The trial version does not restrict any functionality, download it and start creating. as @transistor suggests the inductive university is good place to start, but the online documentation also a very good resource.


Can you give me some online documentation ? :grin:

I did already.

While you are going through Inductive University, you should have the User Manual open in another tab. If you have time, I recommend reading the entire user manual.

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There is no easy answer to that.

But the minimal is the hunger and willingness to learn.

Ignition ranges from super simple “no skill” task to super advanced programming.

The great thing about it is the community. You have a bunch of really smart people on here willing to help out the new guys. Which is a super rare find.

And the community will help you with anything from “i forgot about that button” to creating a rocket ship if your heart desires. (I might be going a little overboard here)

Just jump in, and you will know as you go.