Kymera Map Panel module on mobile phone

I am trying to use Kymera’s Map Panel module in my mobile phone so that it will open a new window when a point is clicked on. However, it does not work on the phone. Consequently, I want to know if there is any other Kymera function that will not work on the Mobile Launch or if there is another way I can solve this problem.

Just had a look at the module documentation, I am not clear what does it really do? I mean what data from Ignition does it use or give to ignition ? What are the typical use cases of this module? Just for my information.

What do you have for scripts entered into the extension functions of the map panel. The component needs some configuration to do anything with the points created.

The module provides a way to overlay data in ignition on a map, usually iwth it’s basemap provided by arcgis or mapbox. You can overlay templates on the system with it’s current release, which is really flexible.

I have filled the Dataset of the Map panel with all the data points I need. The script only opens a pop-up with an identification of the point I have clicked on. The problem is that it works perfectly on the computer, but it does not work on the mobile phone. I think that the problem is that the mobile module does not work with the extension functions of the componenets. I have tried different functions and none of them worked on the phone whereas they did on the computer. The Event handlers (such as mouse-mouseClicked, mouse-mousePressed…), however, work properly on both devices.

What kind of data would one like to overlay on maps from Ignition? Some production data at a site etc?).

Can ignition also receive data from remote clients such as locations and user entered data from mobile devices thru this module? (e.g. users enters some comments from a remote location from a mobile device etc?)

I reviewed the map’s integration with the Ignition mobile functionality, and confirmed that the events don’t seem to being passed through. I’d speculate that this is due to how the shapes/points are composited onto the map but I haven’t looked into it in detail.

I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll spend any time further investigating this issue in order to have explicit support of the existing mobile functionality. However, we have an updated version releasing soon that supports the embedding of templates on the map, it’s possible that this will resolve your problem.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience.