Kymera Maps Offline


I would like to know if Kymera Maps can work offline. In that case how can it be achieved? Could you add some info/example about it?


Any idea about this topic?

Getting in contact with Kymera support might be your best bet. I’ll give @Kyle_Chase a ping, too.

By design, the Map Panel is chiefly expected to be used in online mode, querying tiles on demand from your connected services.

You can have some limited offline functionality due to caching, but it would only be for tiles you’ve previously loaded, up to the limit.

What are you trying to accomplish with an offline Map Panel?

In some client plant the internet access is forbidden for security. So offline mode is perfect for that.
If I increase Max disk cache size is it possible to achieve this?

It would perhaps be useful if you could run the SCADA app on an internet-connected PC, select a map region you’d like available offline, then run a method that would capture all tiles at all zoom levels and produce a collection of files to copy across onto the production server. Maybe? :man_shrugging:

With google maps and with its apis being available it’s easy to integrate them with your application, I wonder what additional benefits does this module offer? Am I missing something here ?

The beauty of kymera map is you can overlay ignition template top of it and you don’t need to know anything of programming. That’s all.
I believe if someone create a map module that has similar capability like perspective map component,the module will be best seller of the year.

What do you mean by Ignition template? Do you mean possibility of drawing Ignition components on top of the map display at the background or having Ignition style display screen at the background? What is the use of this map in the background or does it allow geo location tracking etc?

I mean you can define ignition component and template at desired lat/lot position on map component itself. when you pan and zoom the map the template move and can be resize accordingly.
I do geo-location tracking by updating lat/lot of each template on map. The template is define in a dataset property of map. simply binding new location to this dataset can show moving object on map.
take a look at this video sample to see how I use template on map:

Very impressive! Its an excellent example of Ignition’s capabilities, what can be achieved with it!
However the map module is used only for selection of a plant from a location on map. Could this have as well been just a background static Image? Of course pan/zoom will not be possible without the module.

Very impressive indeed!

The problem with the background static image is if you have large amount of station widespread around country you cant see a ll them in window. For small geo-graphical area I use static image. Of course pan and zoom is not possible.
For plant area or building overview pages I’d like to use blue print and just need some one develop a module to pan and zoom ignition window. This is what vision module lack vs other SCADA package like Wincc OA or Wonderware.

Perhaps due to limitation of java swing library on which Vision module is built upon. The perspective may not have this limitation perhaps as its based on svg.

If you really want, you can set up your own tile server in your local network. All software to set up a tile server is open source. But this is not an easy process, and requires a big number of skills (SQL-GIS databases, Python, Linux maintenance, …).

But for those who want to venture it, here’s an installation guide:

Depending on the area you’re processing, you’ll also be needing a rather powerful server.

You can also ask some company providing mapping services to build the tiles for you, or set up a server for you. I know GeoFabrik has a lot of experience in this field.

A big list of service providers w.r.t. map rendering can be found here: